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Fabric-covered Buildings

Calhoun Super Structure is one of the leading manufacturers of fabric-covered structures in Canada. Phillips Agri Services is the Calhoun dealer for Prince Edward Island.

Calhoun fabric covered buildings are a popular choice for agricultural, equestrian, commercial, and recreational uses. Whether you need equipment or vehicle storage, hay storage, or livestock housing, there is a solution for you.

Buildings are available in different styles and many widths and lengths.

Calhoun structures are made from durable fabric and hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Each structure is engineered to last through site-specific design and review by a third-party engineer.

We encourage you to visit the Calhoun website for more details. Contact us for more information.


Fabric-covered Building

We supply fabric-covered buildings for agricultural, commercial, and recreational purposes. Get in touch with us for more details.

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