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Healthy Lawns Begin with Quality Products

Phillips Agri Services is your destination for quality lawn care products to help achieve a healthy and green lawn. We are locally owned and have been in business for over 50 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with your lawn care needs and also load products into your vehicle. We are conveniently located in Charlottetown and are easily accessible. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Lawn Care Products

We supply quality lawn care products that include:

24 4 14 edited.jpg

Island Green Lawn Fertilizer

24-4-14 1% Mg 1% Fe 14% SCU
Encourages quick growth and green
Slow-release nitrogen
Great value
Covers 11,000 square feet
Pelletized Lime 18Kg

Pelletized Lime 18Kg

Easy to apply
Improves soil pH
Quality Seed Premium Turf Mix

Quality Seed Premium Turf Mix

2 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg
40% Kentucky Bluegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Premium Perennial Ryegrass
An ideal mix for lawns
10 10 10 fertiliser edited.jpg

10-10-10 Fertilizer

General-purpose lawn and garden fertilizer


For fertilizer and lime application

Other Products Available

Sheep manure
Peat moss
Powdered lime
Other fertilizers
Quickgrass grass seed
Quickshade grass seed

Lawn Care Tips:

Apply lime and fertilizer products early in the spring. You can apply them at the same time.
It is ideal to apply within a few days of rainfall or watering.
It’s recommended to apply lime and fertilizer in the spring and fall for the health of your lawn. Healthy, vigorous grass helps suppress weed growth.

Lawn Care Products

Buy the best quality fertilizers, spreaders, and many other products for your lawn care needs.

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