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Horse Feed and Supplies in Charlottetown

Get high-quality horse feed and supplies in Charlottetown from Phillips Agri Services. We have a great selection of feeds, feed additives, supplements, minerals, and supplies. We carry over a dozen different rations in a variety of textures and formulas from Shur-Gain Equiline, Blue Seal, Brooks Feeds, and our own custom rations. Open the page that shows the list of all horse feeds available as well as the product information sheets.

Other horse feed products available in our retail store include:

Salt and trace mineral blocks and licks
Alfalfa cubes
Oats (whole and crimped)
Corn (whole and crimped)
Beet pulp
Hay stretch pellets
Vitamins/ mineral premix

Horse Supplies

Phillips Agri Services retail showroom has a large selection of seasonal horse products and year-round supplies, including:

Buckets – rubber and poly
Feeders – rubber and poly corner feeders and hook-over feeders
Water tubs, automatic valves
Clippers, blades, and grooming supplies
Nylon halters
Brushes and curry combs
Hoof knives
Fly control products
Horse mats
Wood pellets
Plastic and metal dura forks
Wood shavings

Horse Feed and Supplies

Phillips Agri Services provides quality horse feed and other products for horses.

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