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High-quality Wild Bird Food in Charlottetown

Phillips Agri Services supplies quality wild bird food in Charlottetown. Our company has become a year-round place on PEI to buy wild bird food. We offer a variety of different seeds and mixtures for even the fussiest of our feathered friends. Contact us now for more information.

Each fall after the harvest, we stock up on black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, nyjer seed, and millet to provide our customers with the freshest possible seed. Also, during the fall and winter season, we promote the feeding of wild birds through bird food sales. These sales have become very popular and are highly anticipated in the birding community. A large selection of bird feeders is always on display.

A portion of all our Wild Bird Food sales, year-round, goes to Island Nature Trust to support their great work. A representative of Island Nature Trust regularly assists us during our sales by being available to offer advice and information.

The Phillips Agri Services staff is very knowledgeable on the topic of feeding wild birds. You are encouraged to ask questions or tell us about any unusual birds you may be seeing at your feeders. Below is a list of some of the seeds available at our location on 18 Exhibition Drive.

Black oil sunflower seed – chickadees, blue jays, finches

Grey striped sunflower seed –blue jays

Nyjer seed –all varieties of finches

Phillips wild bird food – general mix made on-site for a variety of wild birds

Cracked corn – mourning doves, pigeons, and partridge

Peanuts – blue jays, squirrels

Finch mix – all varieties of finches

Millet and Milo – songbirds, mourning doves

Wild Bird Food

Buy wild bird food from Phillips Agri Services in Charlottetown.

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