Horse Feed and Supplies

Phillips Agri carries a number of different horse feeds from Blue Seal to Shur-Gain. We also mill our own custom blends including sweet feeds. Our two biggest sellers being a 13% wet horse feed mash and a 16% dry horse feed mash. We can also work with you to produce your own specific blend.

Other horse-related products available in our retail store include:

Trace mineral blocks & licks

Oats (whole or crimped)

Hay stretch pellets

Beet pulp


Horse treats



Cobalt salt blocks & licks

Equine micro licks

Alfalfa cubes


Horse grazing

Horse Supplies

Phillips Feed retail showroom has a large selection of seasonal horse products and year-round supplies, including:

• Buckets – Rubber & poly in a variety of colors

• Feeders – Rubber & poly corner feeders & hook–over feeders

• Water tubs, automatic valves & water hoses

• Nylon horse halters – from foal to XL horse sizes in a  variety of colors

• Nylon leads & lunge lines

• Brushes & curry combs

• Clippers, blades & grooming supplies

• Hoof knives, hoof nippers & rasps

• Plastic & metal dura forks

• Nylon hay nets

• A variety of snaps

• Fly control products & face fly masks

• Creolin

Brown horse and horse running

What's New

Nutritional improvements have been made to our popular 16% Horsefeed which we are excited to tell you about!

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